When two brands from different industries work together to bring happiness, we want to spread more smiles to more people. Kindness Delivery Service is here to help you send the right gift to someone who needs a reason to smile. 

Black Forest Sourdough Bread
with Dark Cherry Jam

Collaboration between People of Happiness and Josefa Bakery appears because we share the same value where we want to give smiles to our customers' faces every time they open our packages. 


During this hard time, we all know that a kind act is needed more than ever. Kindness Delivery Service is here to help you send the right gift to someone who needs a reason to smile. This collaboration is created to bring happiness through bread! It can be for you or for others too! 


Black forest Sourdough filled with silky white chocolate- accompanied by Dark Cherry Jam, made with ingredients that could uplift the mood. You can taste the contrasting flavor - sourness from the soft sourdough, a bit of bitterness from the dark chocolate dough, sweetness from the white chocolate, and sourness from the cherry jam. A fusion of taste that brings memorable flavor.


When you open the box of Kindness Delivery Service, you will see one loaf of sourdough smiles at you together with a jar of dark cherry jam! You will also get a gift card that you can use on the “People of Happiness” website to get more happiness coming to your door. 


Meet Dheariella, the person behind Josefa bakery

Her mom is her inspiration. Her journey as a chef continued to broaden her horizons, but one thing never changed, her longing for her mom’s cooking. She realized that she feels the love of her mom whenever she enjoys her mom’s cooking and this is what makes her keep going in this industry. Every product she makes is baked with so much love.


Baking for her is somehow a stress relief. When she bakes something and shares it with her family and friends, she feels connected and it brings her joy deep inside the heart. People of Happiness likes it when she can find her happiness and be happy with things in life especially in difficult times like this!

The black-forest sourdoughs are available for nationwide shipping. You can order from August 1st - August 31st 2021 through DM or Whatsapp. The bread will be freshly baked and the shipment will take place 2 day after the order.