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What's Normal Anyway?

With KALM, People of Happiness is voicing the age old restlessness of 

the topic of being 'normal'. This collaboration aims to spread the good news about expressing your authentic self amidst the normalization of acting and being 'normal'.

People of Happiness and KALM joined forces in advocating self-expression and embracement. Along with the targets, we have launched 3 Tees that you can wear in your contribution to this noble cause. 

Go check them out now!


Wear the tees to show your support to freedom in self-expression! 10% of each sales of What's Normal Anyway Tees will be used to provide free therapy to the people who are unable to provide mental health support for themselves. 

Every time you wear What's Normal Anyway Tees, know that someone found their smile because of you :)

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About KALM 

KALM is a mental health service provider company that provides an online counselling platform that is easily accessible to the public anywhere and anytime. 

KALM has helped many people from many group of ages and backgrounds in finding their peace within themselves. Up to this day, KALM has thousands of Mental Health experts working with them. 

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