This collection was reworked so each piece is unique and different. New life is gifted to our defective products to create vibrant new pieces with the notion of upcycling by bringing together elements of happiness, fashion, and creativity. 


People of Happiness X 2TimesToo are having our partnership with the release of the upcycled capsule collection, to support art and minimum waste of fashion products. 2TimesToo is an Indonesian brand that makes reworked clothing. Its purpose is to make unique clothes that people can wear and feel special. 

The capsule collection is made entirely of People of Happiness’s minor defective products from batch one Reconnecting, upcycled materials, and 2TimesToo creativity to create and reworked it into new T-shirts and Hoodie. The product's feature is giving each piece a unique take on the image of art, happiness, and fashion. This collection is limited to only ONE per product and no chance it would be restocked!


Meet Jason Pahalim, the artist behind @2TimesToo_! 

Jason is a 19 years old student that makes reworked clothing daily. 2TimesToo started as a platform for him to sell his second-hand personal clothes just for fun, however, his creativity kicked him to create something unique beyond just opening a thrift shop. He learned how to sew in March 2019 from the internet and his mom and now he enjoys doing reworked clothing and selling it. His love to create vibrant new pieces and upcycling is supported by the love he gets from other people that tell him they like the pieces he creates, and that's what keeps him going every day. 

He prefers simple and elegant designs that people can wear daily and that is what differs his creation from the other reworked clothing brands. 

It takes him two days to create each of the nine beautiful artworks of this upcycled capsule collection and it brings him happiness when he pushes his creativity. He posts his reworked clothes on @2TimesToo_ on ig and www.2timestoo.com.


“Happiness for me is doing what I love without damaging/harming others.” - Jason

Shop the limited collection at www.peopleofhappiness.com (Indonesia) and www.2timestoo.com (USA).