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Real Cowboys Spreads Happiness

We are collaborating with local Tampa, FL artist, Takeo, to showcase the connection between happiness and diverse cultural background through art. We’ve experimented with different fabrics, texts, and colors, to show you how arts and creativity can redefine HAPPINESS and what it means to be a COWBOY. We are encouraging everyone to embrace their individuality through self-expression. Expressing yourself through art and creativity breeds happiness! Through cross-cultural design and collaboration, Cowboy by Takeo and People of Happiness have crafted products that will spread joy all around the world!

Together, we have curated 3 happiness you can wear!


Original graphic by Takeo. Wear the artwork on a lazy day at home or when you’re out and about to spread happiness to the world around you!

Add some color to your day with Cowboy of Happiness’ official collab tee! Combining our values and passions to bring you the coolest tee in the world!

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Multifunctional and lightweight jacket perfect for any location. Just like happiness and creativity, it can be worn ANYWHERE! 

About Cowboy by Takeo

Cowboy is a multimedia platform and brand dedicated to curating, collaborating, and creating high-quality art, apparel, goods, and activations. COWBOY is an ode to creativity, experimentation, and limitless freedom of expression, translated through art, fashion, and other miscellaneous projects. COWBOY is not exclusively a fashion brand, an art gallery, or a formal online or physical retailer, but an endless curation and combination of these aspects.

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