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POH X Ubah Stigma

This collection is created for a noble cause, creating a better generation. Mental health should be taught as soon as possible. POH and Ubah Stigma join forces in supporting Generasi Tangguh, a program that focuses on giving mental health literacy and education to Indonesian children age 10-12.

June, 2022

POH and Ubah Stigma have joined forces to create a better generation! POH believes that happiness should start as early as possible. That's why we seeked help from Ubah Stigma, a non-profit organization that aims to break Indonesian society's negative perception, or stigma, toward mental health.  The collaboration carries the theme: Younger generation's mental health: Normalizing the conversation about mental health and breaking the stigma through the currently running program called "Generasi Tangguh". 


A glimpse about our collaborative partner: 

Ubah Stigma Foundation is a mental health organization that aims to encourage Indonesia to be free from mental health stigma. Ubah Stigma seeks to increase the country's mental health literacy, produce mental health promoters, normalize mental health topics, and seek professional help.

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Generasi Tangguh needs helping hands to create a bigger impact on Indonesian children, that's why we need your help! You can donate to Generasi Tangguh and look good at the same time through POH X Ubah Stigma Collection! 10% of each sale of the collection will go to Generasi Tangguh to support the program. Let's work hand in hand for this noble cause!