Happiness isn’t the only emotion that we should experience. Excitement, relief, cheerfulness, and joy are also positive feelings we like to enjoy. It is said that people who experienced the widest range of positive emotions, have the lowest levels of inflammation throughout their bodies. However, to enjoy the positive, we must also experience the negative, we must allow these feelings to occur and be comfortable with recognizing these. Pay attention to your inner emotions and allow you to feel them as time progresses. True happiness doesn’t come from suppressing these negative emotions but rather, from recognizing and accepting the feelings that come and being able to calmly analyze and express how we are feeling. When we do this, we can be able to understand what makes us happy and become more emotionally aware people. 

It's Okay Beige Sweatshort

Color: Beige
  • Product Care Pants: 
    1. Use Cold Water
    2. Gentle Cycle for the Fleece
    3. Tumble dry low
    4. Non-Chlorine bleach only 
    5. Let it air dry
    6. Use a soft bristle brush to make it nice and fluffy again